Sad to announce:

Allan Buddle, our previous president, passed away Thursday evening, March 28, 2019
Sympathy cards can be sent to Mrs. Buddle at: Ann Buddle,
9176 County Rd 142,
Interlaken, NY 14847
Allan will truly be missed by all. Rest in peace, Allan

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    The Backbone Ridge is the name given to the hilltop ridge that runs between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes and today is the center of the Finger Lakes National Forest. Its history represents a microcosm of the larger economic, social, and political transformations that have taken place in American society.  Realizing that the history of this area prior to the Great Depression might be forgotten, and even lost, with the death of so many of the residents of that time period, those concerned began discussions in 2006 leading to the establishment of the Backbone Ridge History Group (BRHG) in 2010. The BRHG is a grass roots organization to collect the history of the land and the people in this Backbone Ridge area. The group is very interested in this area because the Backbone Ridge was once heavily populated with people, farms and towns and was dramatically changed by the purchases by the Resettlement Administration.

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